Dear Divorce Professional,

I know my profession is a strange injection into Business As Usual.  I know that it’s confusing to understand what a Divorce Coach does, and I realize they can look like a threat.  After all, some divorce coaches are attorneys who review documents and offer legal advice.

But, let’s be clear:  that’s not me.  I don’t touch legal stuff with a 10-foot pole.

I believe that divorce is a human process with a legal document attached to it.  My focus is on the human side.  I’m here to help my clients understand that there are many types of professionals available to help them, and I help them know how to choose and use their team players wisely.  I also help people reframe divorce, communicate with clarity, and understand themselves as well as their goals.  My work is about creating greater clarity, confidence, and control.

I’ve spoken to several attorneys who conveyed the challenges in dealing with clients who weren’t practicing self-care, or received bad advice from well-meaning friends and family, or engaged in knee-jerk reactions and emotionally-based decisions… or those who simply wanted revenge.

One of my goals is to make your job a little easier.

Imagine working with clients whose values and approach are aligned with your own.
Imagine working with clients who can clearly articulate their goals.
Imagine working with clients who can see a bigger picture.

In addition to consulting with referrals from professionals, I also provide opportunities to incorporate my service into your professional package. Thus, presenting additional value to those who work with you, as well as setting you apart from your competition.  Options include:

  • Customized Video
  • Client Worksheets
  • Client Workbook
  • Online Course Access
  • Consultation or Coaching Session

If you’d like to extend enhanced assistance to your clients, please schedule a time to chat.  Together, we’ll assess your needs and come up with a solution to serve.


Tara Eisenhard, Divorce Coach