I love to talk about divorce!

As a divorcee, a child of divorced parents, and an educated divorce professional, I feel incredibly enthusiastic about sharing my expertise and experience so others can feel less alone, gain new tools, learn a new perspective, and embark on a more productive process.  As we change the way we view and approach divorce as a culture, we’ll create a happier and healthier world for families of all structures.

Over the years, I’ve spoken in a variety of settings:

College Classes
Association Events
Corporate Lunch-And-Learns
Community Education Classes

And I’ve spoken about a variety of topics:

Helping Friends/Family Through Divorce
Healthy Healing Processes
Children of Divorce
Divorce Mindset
Proper Self Care

If you’re looking for someone to address this tough topic with confidence and compassion, let’s talk!  Schedule a consultation so we can explore your needs and see if I’m the right woman for the job.