Why Work With Me?

#1 - Personal Experience

I’ve been there. I’m a child of divorced parents. I’m an ex-wife, a “next” wife, and the previous partner of a divorced dad. I’ve been cheated. I’ve been left. I’ve left. I’ve walked away a winner. I’ve also been broken, and I put myself back together.

#2 - Education

In 2010, I studied divorce coaching with Sandra Lee, founder of Emerge Victorious in North Carolina. Sandra was a pioneer in the field of divorce coaching, and it was an honor to learn from her.  But my quest for knowledge didn’t stop with divorce coaching. Over the years, I’ve attended courses aimed at dealing with divorce through Christian and Buddhist philosophies. I’m trained in mediation, advanced mediation, family mediation, and group facilitation/mediation. I completed training in conflict coaching, collaborative law, Nonviolent Communication, Active Parenting, and Dis-Solving Conflict From Within. I attended the Start Over Smart Divorce Expo (2012), the Family Law Reform Conference (2014) and the Make Divorce Healthier Symposium (2016 and 2018). And in 2019, I achieved the status of Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS™) through the National Association of Divorce Professionals.  Seriously, I love to learn about divorce.

#3 - Professional Experience/Exposure

I’ve been coaching since before the Affordable Care Act was passed. I’ve coached individuals as well as groups, in-person as well as online. I’ve spoken to groups of lawyers, therapists, corporate employees, parents, and students. My book, The D-Word:  Divorce Through a Child’s Eyes has been reviewed and recommended by various professionals. I’ve been on the radio. I’ve been on TV.  I’ve contributed articles to Stepmom Magazine, Family Affaires, Divorcedmoms.com, DivorceForce, and my writing has been featured by The Huffington Post. In addition to my business services, I’m volunteer mediator and conflict coach for my local community mediation center.

#4 - Professional Passion

I love divorce! I know it sounds crazy that someone could “love” divorce, but I do. Not the ugly aspects, of course, but those can be minimized (which is why I do what I do). I refuse to view divorce as a problem. I prefer to see it instead as a solution to a problem. I also consider divorce to be a birth of sorts- a new beginning, an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop new strengths. I see divorce as a process of family evolution, not dissolution. That said, I’m on a mission to change the way our culture views and approaches divorce. I dream of a world where separation ceremonies are the norm and shame is no longer thing.  I don’t approach my work as a mission of pity, but rather one of empowerment.

#5 - Don’t Just Take My Word For It

“Tara has been a godsend. I have had private meetings with Tara and I have attended two of her seminars. Tara has help me find peace and purpose out of a difficult and challenging divorce. Tara has helped me put my feelings of shame, loss, and disappointment from my divorce in the place they belong. And she helped me let go of the anger and hurt from my wife's infidelity. With Tara's guidance and help I have moved forward without the burdens of hate, anger, and distrust. I would recommend Tara to anyone lost and confused from a divorce.”


“You are truly the best- The Oprah of divorce” 

-Erin Levin, CEO of Hello Divorce

“Tara's experience and empathetic manner of coaching helped me to realize that everything I am feeling is normal, which really helped me to feel to feel less alone and more empowered.”  

“I have been struggling with the roller coaster of emotions and becoming frustrated with feeling ok one moment, but falling apart the next. Thanks to my work with Tara, I now realize all of this is normal and have stopped being so hard on myself as my thoughts/emotions change from moment to moment. I am better at accepting them instead of trying to fight or change them.”

“Tara Eisenhard has a powerful message to share. Her passion drives her insights and delivery on the relevant topic of divorce. Her inside perspectives and candidness make her presentations exciting, intriguing, and educational. Her book is useful for couples, families, parents, children, and therapists. Her GOOD Divorce™ Philosophy and useful question/empathetic response comments help transform a dialogue around divorce from negative and shameful to positive, compassionate, and uplifting.”

-Kate Wolfe